Senior Program

California Brain Games Senior Assisted Living Program

After almost 6 years of engaging with hundreds of seniors we are adept at adapting to the cognitive level of the group. Whether the residents are independent, in Assisted living or on a memory journey and with Alzheimer’s; California Brain Games has made such a FAVORABLE difference in the lives of seniors that we are now welcomed weekly at many communities.

We spend an hour with Memory Care and a very different hour sharing tips for brain health and playing fun games to strengthen short term memory function with Assisted Living. California Brain Games coordinate with both Activities and Health and Wellness Directors. Though we are entertaining, we also support health and wellness.

California Brain Games has developed brain games that are specially designed for seniors to synchronize both sides of their brains. A California Game Girl arrives at your location ready to teach these interactive games and draw the seniors into a fun and satisfying hour long activity.

California Brain Games bring your residents to life; making them laugh and smile by drawing out happy long term memories like the first car they owned. We see their faces light up as they tell their stories. We also recite the Pledge of Allegiance; the first thing learned in school and they perk up. We play games that we have developed bringing smiles to their faces. California Brain Games care a lot and the participants really feel connected. We have discovered that consistent weekly sessions result in a remarkable improvement in participants’ alertness and interactivity. Schedule California Brain Games for 3 months and notice happier, more interactive residents.

Research has shown that as the brain ages it becomes important to enhance learning skills and brain plasticity by having the right and left hemispheres be in sync. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, intuition and music awareness. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytic thought, logic, science, math and written skills.

The California Game Girl prepares the group to focus on games that stretch their minds and enhance brain plasticity by engaging the seniors with an activity that gets even the most sedentary of participants moving in their chairs and wakes up their brains.

Our program is based on the knowledge that brains are the original computers and have evolved over time in both size and complexity. Research shows that brain plasticity continues late into life and that older brains flourish with the diverse input that we provide.


Schedule a California Game Girl to come teach at your community and you will see how alive your seniors feel. We are so sure that you will be happy with our services that if you aren’t, the one hour session is on us.

Home Visits

visit seniors at their home

California Brain Games will visit seniors at their home to engage them in our memory and brain games.